About LATITUDES Network

The LATITUDES Library is a searchable library of validity assessment tools designed for use in evidence syntheses. The website also provides access to training on the process of validity assessment.

LATITUDES was established to increase the robustness of evidence synthesis by improving the process of validity (risk of bias) assessment.  The goals of LATITUDES are to:

    • Improve the overall quality of evidence synthesis
    • Increase use of key risk of bias tools
    • Help people to use tools more effectively
    • Improve incorporation of results of the validity (risk of bias) assessment into the evidence synthesis
    • Disseminate best practice in validity (risk of bias) assessment
    • Prevent duplication of efforts in developing risk of validity (risk of bias) assessment tools

The target audience of LATITUDES is anyone that needs to assess the validity of their evidence base as part of an evidence synthesis.  This includes, but is not limited to:

    • Systematic reviewers
    • People working on or reading an evidence synthesis
    • Guideline developers
    • Healthcare funders
    • Researchers designing primary studies or evidence syntheses.